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Saturday, May 21, 2011


I don't know about you but I am glad the world is still here. I kinda wanted to see what kind of lives and what paths my children take in their lives. I hope to see more grandchildren and great grandchildren if God allows me to stick around that long. Thanks God for being a patient God!

Friday, May 20, 2011

These are my past projects

These are my past projects.
CRG located in Qatar
Radiant Bride located in Australia
Black Velvet Deluxe located in California
West View Pools located in Texas
Mistrals Whim is my only local Job, LaCrosse Virginia

The job that I am most proud of was for Black Velvet Deluxe a rock band located in California.  It was tough using Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign just starting out but think it turned out good. I have to give much credit to Stacey Marmolejo for walking me through it. Stacey is the Mother to Nate Beck who is a member of Black Velvet Deluxe  also she is the owner of the School of Rock. Thanks a bunch Stacey I couldn't of done it without her.


unfortunately I lost my final of the back. The client purchased the stock photo that was added by the way. Stacey even gave me credits on the back of the album.


Earlier than expected

I hope that the world doesn't end on Saturday because of everyone joking causing Gods wrath earlier than He intended, just saying!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

creating a swatch from artwork

 In my opinion a logo is not complete unless it will blend with the environment that it is in. I think some contests on contest sites are won just because the color worked with the environment that the logo is placed in.

You ever have trouble getting the color just right to fit a website? I heard you could create a swatch from artwork but didn't know how. Checked the Adobe CS4 forums on the help button in Illustrator and even got more confused. This is what I came up with. Oh sorry almost forgot I took screenshot and made jpeg from website that I was creating a logo for.

If someone knows a better way please help! You know just like I do that Adobe Illustrator is full of unknown possibilities.

Best viewed on Youtube full screen!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here is my first video lesson

Brian to all,
This is the first video of many I hope. My videos have set direction just what ever happens to pop in my head. Most tutorials cover how to use basic components of the software. I want to try and explain some of the different things that I happen to run across in my daily activities.

This first video is a t-shirt design that I created and played around with to get a more grungy look, hope you like. In this video I used the feather tool and live color to create the effect. Make sure to lock all layers that you don't want effected.


The video seems to have some issues here is the link to Youtube

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SimplesMind: Welcome to my world

SimplesMind: Welcome to my world: "Hello my name is Brian Hobbs aka SimplyDesigns and this is my first post on my new blog! I was fortunate enough to attend the Art Institut..."

Welcome to my world

Hello my name is Brian Hobbs aka SimplyDesigns and this is my first post on my new blog!

I was fortunate enough to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh online divisions for close to two years learning all the different aspects of graphic design. I graduated with honors on March 27, 2009.

The part of  design that I fell in love with is Vector art, creating logos, and I just started creating t-shirts using Adobe Illustrator which I am pretty fluent in besides the short cut keys, lol. I find myself looking at everything around me to see how the designer might have created it. It is now an addiction.

What I hope to accomplish with my blog is being able to meet other designers, meet those interested in my designs, but most importantly is to have fun.

I have every intention of creating helpful videos for new up and coming designers like myself. I want to create and hopefully share information and videos so that I can become a better designer. Please be patient, this is all new to me...

If interested in any of my work my screen name is simplydesigns at the following web sites: